Google can’t find search results for Yahoo

Posted By November 4th, 2009

Picture 2I use my Google search bar to find even the most obvious URLs, it’s a lazy practice i know. So instead of typing in the full URL into the browser bar, i search one inch below for it then click. It actually probably takes longer.

Anyway this morning I did this for “Yahoo” – lo and behold Google couldn’t find any results for this search term.

Yahoo search

It didn’t work on several colleagues machines, but did on others. Well it amused me. Is it to do with the Ajax results?

However, when you search on UK results it gives you millions of answers. Is this to do with the Google Geo search? Or Yahoo’s new localised redirect? Or just a glitch?

Yahoo seems to have implemented a redirect to – which is new, and has only got a PageRank of 4. Google obviously doesn’t rate this page.

This needs more digging.

Whilst doing a search on Bing for Yahoo, all seems fine. However my Stumbleupon toolbar gives it a category it probably shouldn’t be in. See below. Poor old Yahoo, what’s it done to annoy the other search engines?
Picture 3

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3 Responses to “Google can’t find search results for Yahoo”

  1. Dave says:

    That’s amazing. I can’t replicate it. What browser are you in?

  2. Caleb says:

    You guys still getting these strange results? I see nothing strange going on with my Yahoo searches

  3. Sam says:

    It was a search for “Yahoo” in Google UK, search the Web – with 100 searches per page. Interesting.

    Also what is interesting is the people who see this post and don’t credit it.

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