IP produces bespoke website for leading recruitment agency

Posted By September 16th, 2011

Maxwork S.p.A is one of Italy’s leading recruitment and human resources consultancies. With over 20 offices across the country, and rapidly growing, it was essential to build a website that worked as a central consolidated resource for clients, job searchers and Maxwork employees.

The, rapidly growing, Intelligent Positioning web development unit, teamed up with the Natural Search (SEO) team and Social Media team to plan and design a solution that met all the briefed requirements and went further to anticipate the needs of future growth and operational stability.

The solution delivered by Intelligent Positioning integrates SEO best practice throughout and is supported by Intelligent Positioning’s proprietary intelligence database and tool set. Social media integration with Facebook enables the site to cultivate and engage with social media communities by providing job searching functionality with social media assets.

So, if you’re looking for a job in Lombardia or any other region in Italy go to www.maxwork.it

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5 Responses to “IP produces bespoke website for leading recruitment agency”

  1. james says:

    This was a really fun project to work on. We found lots of tricky problems during the build which required some complicated but stable solutions. Happily, it all worked smoothly in the end though!

    Hope they like the site!

  2. james says:

    Also check out the facebook app;


    We got to make some fun data syncing with the live site that works pretty nicely.

  3. chrish says:

    The site looks fantastic – smooth functionality – great work.

  4. Francesca says:

    A really interesting SEO project to work on, with keywords involving all regions and provinces of Italy . Visits to the site area increasing after a month and a half from launch.

  5. Luiz says:

    grazie al tuo lorvao di ricerca informazione si può essere al corrente di cose molto interessanti. Come idea è niente male, ma mi aspetto le furbate all’italiana per poter ovviare la trasparenza di questo meccanismo che metterebbe a nudo altrimenti le politiche sbagliate dei nostri grossi imprenditori edili e immobiliaristi…noto che i prezzi delle case cominciano a calare nella mia zona…sarà forse per questo motivo?

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