James Hough
Web Developer
James is a Web Developer at Intelligent Positioning specialising in developing client sites, creating original and unique social media applications to add functionality and enhance all brand touch points online. James has worked on Alitalia, Voicenet Solutions, Max Work to name a few. He is also an experienced triathlete competing regularly in events all over the UK and Europe.
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  • james says:

    If iPad3 and iPhone5 are the ‘hear a lot in 2012′ buzz words then I am going to go live in a forest.

    I am personally looking forward to my dedicated desktop monitor displays getting close to my battery powered mobile phones dpi. We are already hearing about quadrupled laptop panel resolutions in 2012 and desktops monitor prices should drop in line too.

    Surely the biggest mistake of 2011 was HP finally releasing it’s mobile OS in the form of Web OS and then pulling it within a few months of minimal sales. It seems that there wasn’t room in the market for another OS to go up against iOS, Android and Blackberry OS.

  • james says:

    That’s tasteless. I never get a second glance with my modest iPad down Starbucks


  • james says:

    Love the look of this site. A clean and clear navigation for users to find their product.

    Good luck with the new site guys!

  • james says:

    It’s not so much the memory.
    The xbox 360 uses DVD’s with only 6.8 gigs of usable space due to a large security region, and they are still rarely maxed out by developers (not including John Carmacks Mega Texture system in Rage). So even if todays best was all we could use for next gen consoles, than that would have 50 gig bluray disc, just like the PS3.

    I believe that the reason for the success or failure of Onlive would have to be users perception of, cost of hardware against quality of visual output. If both the video feed from Onlive can make use of ever increasing bandwidth, offering clearer HD streaming; and latency can be reduced from continual ‘tightening’ up of code, as Steve Perlman, OnLive founder comments.
    Then a £300-£400 next gen console with marginally clearer and quicker responses, could become a bridge too far for most users.

    But I also don’t think this will be within the next year or two, when Microsofts 3rd iteration in the console world is predicted to be released.

  • james says:

    Also check out the facebook app;


    We got to make some fun data syncing with the live site that works pretty nicely.

  • james says:

    This was a really fun project to work on. We found lots of tricky problems during the build which required some complicated but stable solutions. Happily, it all worked smoothly in the end though!

    Hope they like the site!