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Intelligent Positioning launches new Business Intelligence and Natural Search platform – Pi Datametrics

Posted By Sam, February 20th, 2014

Technology company Intelligent Positioning today launches its new SaaS business intelligence SEO platform, Pi Datametrics. The new platform offers enterprise class natural search technology, empowering brands, corporations and marketers to control and improve their online  visibility and to make intelligence based strategic decisions.

Natural search technology software (more…)

New IP Natural Search Platform – Coming Soon

Posted By Sam, July 5th, 2013

SEO dashboard

The all improved, self-serving, Intelligent Positioning Natural Search Dashboard – coming soon. 

With Google Search up 12% year on year in the UK and 93% of businesses stating they need to increase their spend on SEO, we know that businesses need a fully functioning, no-holds barred Natural Search visibility solution. Not just a solution offering a few keywords in one search engine that is updated just once a week, but a real-time visibility index of global performance. (more…)

Measuring the visibility of health scare studies in the UK media

Posted By rich, April 11th, 2013

newspaper-logosSometimes you catch glimpse of one too many similar news stories within a fairly small subject area, and think that behind the scenes there must be some blanket policy to push through everything and anything that’s relevant with little regard for contradiction or accuracy.

Health is an important topic to most individuals, a fact known and seized upon by the popular media. Consumers are obsessed with thinking they know what is good for them and what will cause them harm, because that of course is the secret to why we’re living so long, and why we take such good care of ourselves. Being able to opine “you shouldn’t do that, it’s bad for you” is part of the know-it-all’s core skillset. But where do these speculations typically come from?


Truly Global Natural Search Application Suite

Posted By Sam, March 13th, 2012

SEO Natural Search Analytics

Intelligent Positioning offers the world’s first truly global and real-time response SEO product, based on its award-winning Intelligent SEO platform for all your Social and Search needs

Intelligent Positioning is the unrivalled leader in global real-time Natural Search technology, empowering brands, corporations and marketers, big and small, to give greater control and improve SEO performance and social presence while delivering a higher ROI. (more…)

A New Era in Search with IP’s Enterprise Class SEO Platform

Posted By Sam, February 19th, 2012

Intelligent Positioning’s new enterprise-class SEO platform introduces a new era in natural search giving customers global, real-time competitive advantage

From its deep experience with big global brands, Intelligent Positioning recognised that SEO has fallen behind current Digital advances. So IP addressed this. Now the Intelligent Platform delivers customers a powerful SEO solution to analyse, measure and scale their internal marketing and see those improvements in real time.

Global SEO Platform

The IP Platform is a cloud-based technology service that automates data gathering, manages SEO, and provides a workflow and real-time reporting to continually improve search engine optimisation. Corporations such as AXA, IPC or Siemens can leverage this SEO Platform to provide the deep global analysis across any search engine worldwide, including any language, any character scripts or even idiomatic terms. It then offers prioritised, actionable recommendations instantly and users can model different scenarios and see their impact. (more…)

InStyler choose IP advanced SEO Platform after 5m US sales

Posted By Sam, November 23rd, 2011


Intelligent Positioning, the world’s first truly global SEO platform provider announced that it was selected by Instyler  to deliver scalable and ROI driven natural search solutions to their global business needs through IP’s leading best global SEO platform Intelligent Platform. (more…)

Intelligent Positioning’s new Technology Platform empowers AXA-IM

Posted By Daniel, November 14th, 2011

AXA is one of the largest and most recognisable Asset Management companies in the world, managing €516 billion of assets globally.

With offices in over 20 countries AXA-IM is part of the larger AXA-Group, a world leader in financial protection and wealth management.

Intelligent Positioning new Technology Platform empowers Alitalia to focus on SEO analysis

Posted By Sam, February 5th, 2011

alitalia airbusBrighton 2011: Italy’s largest airline, Alitalia has selected Intelligent Positioning, the world’s first truly global SEO platform provider to provide the analysis and prioritized recommendations that lead to greater revenue from the SEO channel across languages.

Prior to the implementation of the Intelligent Platform Alitalia was limited in its ability to increase natural search traffic due to the massive data gathering and analysis requirements across regions and thousands of search terms. (more…)

New Software delivers advanced way to analyze, measure and scale SEO operations for Blinkbox

Posted By Sam, January 25th, 2011


SEO has become extremely complicated with hundreds of factors contributing to a client’s organic visibility, more competition for top rankings and the continuous expansion of online market share.

This growing complexity led to the development of Intelligent Positioning’s new software product suite, an online Software-as-a-Service technology that provides search marketers with an enterprise-class platform and the support required to optimize search engine traffic.

IP’s new product suite will gather natural search data, improve internal reporting, drive competitive research and automate manual SEO activities. The integration of IP’s new SEO platform suite will enable Blinkbox to spend more time on strategic initiatives.

We always look forward to using new software from IP. Through the Intelligent Positioning platform we have significantly increased our traffic and been able to target a much broader audience. We have seen substantial ROI year on year since starting work with IP in 2007.Adrian Letts, COO and Founder blinkbox (more…)

Siemens Communications Appoints IP SEO Platform across 7 countries

Posted By Sam, December 2nd, 2010


Siemens Communications Appoints Intelligent Positioning SEO Platform across 7 countries Intelligent Positioning’s Platform will be deployed to cover seven separate regions in Europe, South America and Asia.

Intelligent Positioning with offices in St Albans, Brighton and Italy competed in a multi-agency pitch to land the account.

The remit for the analysis will cover Siemens UK, US, Germany, Belgium, Spain, China and Brazil. All technical work will be completed in Germany with central management in the UK.

Siemens Europe join a rapidly growing list of clients of Intelligent Positioning, that include BSkyB and AXA who benefit from the Intelligent Platform’s ability to analyse millions of sites and 100,000s of keywords. (more…)